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                Identify Your Highest Priority Vulnerabilities

                Secureworks™ Vulnerability Threat Prioritization service partners with Kenna Security to correlate external cyber threat and exploit data with user vulnerability data to monitor, measure, and prioritize vulnerability remediation across your environment.

                See More

                See More

                Discover trending exploits that could result in a breach.
                Know More

                Know More

                Contextualize vulnerability data with threat and exploit data.
                Respond Smarter

                Respond Smarter

                Custom risk meters help you prioritize remediation and management.

                In almost every case where software vulnerabilities were exploited by an adversary to gain access to a network or system, the vendor had released security patches for those vulnerabilities months beforehand.

                Don Smith, Senior Director, Secureworks Counter Threat Unit™ (CTU™) Operations & Analysis

                Prioritize Risk to Enable Action

                In partnership with Kenna Security, Secureworks connects you to your risk meter visualizations that display in a dedicated business intelligence dashboard, as well as a consolidated view of your scan, asset, patch, penetration, and other data.

                Risk Meter Dashboard

                Risk meters pinpoint your exposure to active cyber-attacks and breaches.

                Prioritization Views

                Target vulnerabilities that pose significant risk to your information security assets.

                Detailed Analysis

                Analyze exposure by asset category and discover trending exploits.

                Integrated Reporting

                Comprehensive and integrated reporting through the Secureworks Client Portal.

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