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              Identify Vulnerabilities and Reduce Risk

              Secureworks network vulnerability scanning service partners with Qualys Vulnerability Management technology to perform scan audits across internal and external network devices, servers, web applications, databases, and other assets in both on-premise and cloud environments.

              Access Experts

              Access Experts

              Supplement your team with dedicated vulnerability management experts 24x7.
              Reduce Risk

              Reduce Risk

              Stay ahead of threats while ensuring a lower administrative and maintenance burden.
              Network Vulnerability Scanning

              Increase Visibility

              Gain visibility of your risk exposure with reduced time and resource constraints.

              In almost every case where software vulnerabilities were exploited by an adversary to gain access to a network or system, the vendor had released security patches for those vulnerabilities months beforehand.

              Don Smith, Senior Director, Secureworks Counter Threat Unit™ (CTU™) Operations & Analysis

              Identify Security Threats and Reduce Risk

              We deliver a large and robust knowledge base of vulnerability checks, using internal and external scanners to help detect vulnerabilities across your network and supported cloud environments. Leverage the full functionality of Qualys’ leading technology such as:

              PCI Scanning

              Provides scanning, reporting and attestation signing as specified by the PCI SSC.

              Web Application Scanning

              Automated, self-service vulnerability scanning of internal- and external-facing web-based applications.

              Policy Compliance

              Automates the process of assessing server and application configuration compliance.

              Cloud Agents

              Support for licensed Cloud Agents for Vulnerability Management and Policy Compliance.

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