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              Protect Data and Devices

              Security Monitoring helps clients to see more, know more, and take the right action, using impactful threat intelligence and 24x7 monitoring of your IT environment.

              events processed daily

              of events processed automatically

              Increase Visibility

              Increase Visibility

              See further into what’s occurring in your environment and across the threat landscape.

              Safeguard Assets

              Safeguard Assets

              Protect data and devices with around-the-clock monitoring, powerful technology and expertise.

              Demonstrate Compliance

              Demonstrate Compliance

              Generate easy-to-produce reports to satisfy internal stakeholders and compliance auditors.

              Staying Ahead of the Latest Threats

              Security Monitoring provides around-the-clock vigilance over your infrastructure, combining our powerful technology and the knowledge of our security experts to help detect, investigate and alert on valid security threats.

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