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                Roadmap to the CISO

                How to become a C-level leader

                What you will learn:

                • The evolution of responsibilities of the CISO
                • The technical and business skills required (according to actual CISO job postings)
                • Key recommendations to help you design your own path

                The role of a CISO is evolving from a technologist to a business leader whose responsibilities include partnering across various functions to communicate and mitigate risk across the entire organization.

                Taking on this management advisory role, the modern-day CISO is required to be a security advocate on a wide range of topics that affect business performance including HR, digital and physical security, vendor and partner management, and regulatory compliance. What is more, the CISO is called upon to report to Boards of Directors and the C-suite in non-technical language that business leaders can understand and use to inform recommended actions. They must translate complex technology metrics to clearly communicate details regarding levels of risk and how they can efficiently reduce risk and manage a crisis when a breach occurs.

                In short, the CISO is following the same evolutionary trajectory as the Chief Information Officer and Chief Financial Officer -- by continuing to take on responsibility for more strategic organizational objectives. In this white paper, you will learn more about the role evolution for the modern CISO, the technical and business skills that provide a foundation for aspiring CISOs and recommendations to set yourself on a trajectory to become a successful CISO.

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