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              Move Beyond Secure Hybrid IT to Achieve Future-Proof Security

              Operationalize and optimize your existing security investments with one platform providing protection and unified visibility across varied environments 

              Your enterprise is likely engaged in optimization across multiple business areas.

              You need to make it easier for clients, partners and suppliers to do business with you. This requires becoming more transparent, increasing the connection with clients and partners and improving the customer experience. Security can and should be at the forefront of these initiatives. Whether they involve the cloud, mobile or IoT, these transformations don’t have to require the purchase of new security technologies.

              Future-proof security is an approach to protection that works with existing technology, takes in any form of data, enables global visibility, is informed by the latest security intelligence and affords flexible management and monitoring capabilities where and when you need them.

              You will need a security platform to carry you into the future to provide protection across all of these frontiers, a global information ecosystem, fueled by data and insights from any hardware and software vendor, from any geography, from any industry. Powered by a platform — created and continually enhanced by a team of analysts, researchers and engineers — this information ecosystem offers unparalleled visibility into the threat landscape. If your cybersecurity provider has a platform such as this they should be able to protect you from current threats, alert you to threats on the horizon, and empower you to take fast, effective action. This enables CISOs to feel more comfortable to say “yes” to innovation, “yes” to meeting stringent budget demands and “yes” to reducing risk to vital data.

              You will learn:

              • Why a SIEM system is not enough to protect you from all security breaches
              • How to leverage existing security technologies to free up your budget for major technology refreshes and new innovation
              • What you should look for in a security system to protect you into the future of technology innovation

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              • Access to security expertise
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