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                ESG's Solution Showcase on Red Cloak™ Threat Detection & Response

                Research firm ESG highlights why CISOs may want to consider Secureworks’ Red Cloak TDR solution

                Secureworks announced a new SaaS technology to assist with the detection of advanced threats and the streamlining of investigation and response.

                Threat prevention isn’t enough, as cyberthreats can circumvent threat defenses, compromise IT assets, and lead to extensive damages. This is where threat detection and response come into play. The processes and tools used for these tasks are generally referred to as security analytics and operations. It can be extremely difficult to stay ahead of cyber adversaries as security analytics and operations are often limited by:

                • A large volume of false positive alerts.
                • Inability to detect more advanced threats.
                • A lack of experience, resources, and skills.
                • An assortment of disconnected point tools.
                • Manual processes.

                CISOs have reported plans to increase spending to accelerate incident detection and response and believe that tools based on machine learning (ML) detectors will help them improve situational awareness across their organizations. Buyers looking for help in these areas may want to consider Secureworks’ TDR solution.

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