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                What Buyers Need to Know Before Investing in Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

                Tune into this webinar discussion between Secureworks and IDC Program Director Craig Robinson on the topic of Managed Detection and Response 

                What Buyers Need to Know Before Investing in Managed Detection and Response (MDR)
                Speaker: Joakim Lialias and Craig Robinson of IDC
                Available : Live online
                Duration: 60mins

                Managed Detection and Response is a rapidly emerging solution that both Secureworks and IDC have been seeing more demand for. But what are the trends driving MDR services? What should buyers understand while evaluating the market? This webinar helps to make sense of the noisy market and share IDC’s unbiased views and data points. It also includes more information on Secureworks MDR offering for those interested in learning more.

                Explore and learn more about the trends shaping the dynamic MDR market. Discussion topics include:

                1. 7 Overarching Trends in Cybersecurity
                2. How Digital Transformation is causing an exponential jump in complexity
                3. What is driving the need for MDR Services?
                4. What are security leaders looking for when evaluating MDR?
                5. What is the market definition of MDR?
                6. MDR is a Continuous Cycle
                7. What should an organization look for when choosing an MDR provider?
                8. Which advanced detection and analytic techniques are most important – survey data shared across machine learning, AI, big data, behavioral analytics, deception, threat hunting and others?
                9. Where is the market headed and where are we today?

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