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                Re-Thinking The Human Capital Factor In Managing Cybersecurity Risk

                Future business and IT transformation will redefine what cybersecurity "bench strength" means

                Re-Thinking The Human Capital Factor In Managing Cybersecurity Risk
                Speaker: Jon Ramsey, CTO, SecureWorks; Lorene Steffes, Board Member, PNC Financial Services, Inc.
                Recorded :
                Duration: 1 Hour

                This one-hour webinar, delivered in conjunction with the National Association of Corporate Directors, addresses the human capital challenges companies are likely to face as they increase their dependence on the internet to execute core business functions and grow revenue.

                SecureWorks CTO Jon Ramsey and PNC board member Lorene Steffes discusses what bench-strength will mean for the interconnected, digital-dependent business, particularly with regard to managing cybersecurity risk across the business.

                Join us to explore some key questions that business leaders should start asking about bench strength and succession in order to both grow the business and manage the risk to critical assets in the future.

                Topics that will be discussed include:

                • What does the information security and information management workforce of the future look like?
                • Do we have the right information security and risk management leaders for the future?
                • How can we manage cybersecurity risk more efficiently as our program matures and our environment becomes more complex?

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