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              New York’s New Cybersecurity Regulations: Explained!

              Understand. Implement. Comply.

              New York’s New Cybersecurity Regulations: Explained!
              Speaker: Mihir Mistry, Senior Security Manager
              Available : Live online
              Duration: 1 Hour

              The nation's first state-mandated cybersecurity regulations regarding banking and financial services companies went into effect in New York state on March 1st.

              However, many businesses subject to the regulations are asking, what are these rules and how will they affect my business operations.

              SecureWorks invites you to join us on April 27th for a webcast designed to help you understand these new mandates and develop an approach to ensure that your organization has a mature and effective security program in place that will not only help you achieve compliance but will improve your overall information security posture.

              What you will learn:

              • Which entities are covered by the mandate and what type of data needs protecting.
              • The five core elements needed to establish a comprehensive cybersecurity program.
              • Critical questions you should be asking your security program partner.

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