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                Lessons from the Field: How Are Skilled Testers Infiltrating?

                Gain insights from the good guys simulating the bad guys

                Lessons from the Field: How Are Skilled Testers Infiltrating?
                Speaker: Nate Drier, Senior Consultant, and Jared McLaren, Senior Consultant
                Available : Live online
                Duration: 60 Mins 2 PM ET, 11 AM PT

                Many organizations perform regular annual or bi-annual testing to identify network vulnerabilities, gaps in their controls and satisfy industry compliance requirements. Examining results and lessons learned can be limited. However, wouldn’t it be nice to see what tactics and techniques some of the most skilled testers out there are utilizing across all industries, all levels of maturity and to serve a variety of different objectives?

                Join this webcast for an opportunity to see how good guys simulate the bad guys and gain valuable insights. In this webcast you will hear from some of Secureworks’ most skilled testers, Nate Drier and Jared McLaren, as they talk about lessons learned from some of their most challenging engagements and the trends they are seeing with clients and their defense practices.

                Key topics covered include:

                • Examples of real-world engagements
                • Tactics and techniques commonly used to achieve their objectives
                • Trends and weaknesses seen in defenses
                • Insights and lessons learned

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