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                How Threat Intelligence Powers our Consulting Services

                Without world-class threat intelligence, security consulting services are as good as useless

                Secureworks’ Counter Threat Unit™ How the Counter Threat Unit™ Sets Secureworks Consulting Services Apart
                Speaker: Panel of Secureworks Information Security Strategic and Technical Consultants
                Recorded :
                Duration: 60 mins

                There is one highly important question any organization should ask themselves before hiring security consulting services – how well does the vendor understand today’s modern adversary?

                At Secureworks, we built our portfolio of consulting services around the world class threat intelligence of our Counter Threat Unit to help clients identify more of the risks they face today. The Secureworks CTU™ is a team of world-leading security researchers made up of professionals with a vast amount of experience working for government and military agencies, as well as in industry. They spend all day, every day, living and breathing the latest developments in threat actor behavior to help us keep clients safe.

                The work of the CTU enables Secureworks to offer highly-tailored consulting services that judge your risks against the threat landscape as it changes in real-time. As an example, many consulting services will advise you to patch regularly. At Secureworks however, we go a step further. Using our threat intelligence and knowledge of your organization’s unique circumstances, we can identify which threats would target you and the tactics they might use. From there, we can tell you which patches you should apply quickly, and which are less urgent.

                In this webcast, three of our consultants show you how our real-time threat intelligence delivers insights that helps you remediate risks that would otherwise go unnoticed.

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