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              Executive Cyber Protection

              Protect the Executive. Protect the Brand.

              Executive Cyber Protection
              Speaker: Chris Bullock, SecureWorks Managing Principal
              Available : Live online
              Duration: 1 hr

              In a world where physical attack vectors are no longer the preferred way to attack a person of notoriety or a chief executive status individual, the need for cyber executive protection to enhance existing cybersecurity programs and traditional executive protection has become greater than ever.

              With expanded use of information sharing through social media and use of technologies such as home automation, Executive’s habits, families and close personnel staff are being monitored, targeted and shared via the dark web for a number of reasons such as disruption of business, personal or brand embarrassment and financial gain just to name a few.

              In this webcast, Chris Bullock, SecureWorks Managing Principal, will cover a new approach to mitigating risk to this emerging threat that encompasses:

              • Analyzing ten domains of risk to an Executive, their family and close staff
              • How to assess potential risk and exposure to the brand or reputational damage
              • Guidance on which specific risk factors to monitor regularly to ensure preparedness
              • How to implement the most effective and appropriate safeguards

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