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              Securing Cloud-Based Data With a Risk-Based Approach

              Part of the SC Magazine Cloud-Based Data Security Virtual Conference

              Securing Cloud-Based Data With a Risk-Based Approach
              Speaker: Hadi Hosn, - Global Consulting Solutions Lead, Secureworks
              Recorded :
              Duration: 30 mins.

              Jumping into a tactical implementation of cloud-based data security controls without taking a programmatic view will do you more harm than good. Secureworks has made plenty of observations on the tools, trends and challenges that are most common in a cloud journey today. Join this webcast to learn about these findings, while also reviewing best practice frameworks and principles for securing your data in the cloud.

              This webcast is part of the Cloud-Based Data Security virtual event put on by SC Magazine. The entire event is from 11am to 4pm. Secureworks has a webcast from 1:15pm-1:45pm, and we will have a “booth” at the virtual event staffed by some of our cloud experts.

              We will take you through the following areas.

              • Common data security challenges with cloud adoption
              • Protecting data in transit and at rest
              • Starting your cloud journey securely
              • Cloud Service Provider specific implementations
              • Fitting in cloud security principles
              • A risk-based approach to existing workload deployments
              • Using a Cloud Risk Framework
              • How to rethink existing infrastructure

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