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              Advancing Security Operations with MDR

              How MDR provides contextualized visibility to advance your security operations and overall security posture

              Advancing Security Operations with MDR
              Speaker: Matt DeMatteo, Global Solutions Lead
              Available : Live online
              Duration: 1:30PM EDT 60mins

              Organizations face a variety of security challenges as they attempt to secure their environments from the ever-changing threat landscape. As organizations look to gain more insight from their security devices, while gaining improved speed to detect and respond, Managed Detection and Response (MDR) continues to evolve into a go-to solution. Yet an overcrowded marketplace has made it difficult for organizations to determine which MDR solution truly addresses these challenges.

              In this webinar, we will provide you with the questions you need to ask of an MDR solution provider to ensure you are gaining rich contextualized alerts that reduce your time to detect and increase your speed of response, and how Securework MDR provides a holistic solution that includes several key facets to address these needs.

              What You Will Learn:

              • The presence of intellectual property in the network and at the endpoint
              • The value of the network effect, deep security expertise, and incident response capabilities
              • The power of deep investigation, full environment monitoring, and response actions

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