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                Managed Security Services Integration: SmartStart

                Every Managed Security Services installation is unique, especially in complex technology environments.

                Secureworks Managed Security Services Integration (MSSi) portfolio is designed to assist customers in better preparing and integrating their MSS Service(s) into their business processes in order to obtain maximum time to value.

                In this video Joe Gigliotti, Secureworks MSSi Delivery Manager, gives an overview of MSSi SmartStart, a valuable add on to our standard on-boarding process where a dedicated consultant improves customer readiness to implement managed security services and delivers a strategic project plan that presents solutions to existing problems so the customer can get up a running quicker and more efficiently.


                Hi I’m Joe. Today we’re going to talk about MSSI Smart Start. So unlike Day 1 and Plus a consultant joins the client onsite early in the implementation process. What they’re doing is they’re preparing and pre-staging the MSS services that are about to be installed but also looking long term to around the partnership and how we’re going to compliment, have a relationship with the client long term. 

                So we start with contract validation. We’re looking at what was actually sold and making sure that’s relevant to the client’s needs. So that MSSI consultant that joins on-site has helped clients successfully onboard and implement their services in the past and are looking at their professional recommendations, their historical view and then of course taking a uniqueness of that individual client. They’re looking long term as to how we can compliment our partnership. Right out of the gate they’re going to look at the contracts that are going to be installed and making sure that they align with the client. They’re going to answer any questions that the client has and make sure there’s a go forward methodology and a project plan properly outlines and articulates what’s going to happen over the coming weeks to properly install the services. 

                Now before the services get installed they’re going to look at the architecture of the environment that we’re about to install on. So they’re going to work with the client on placement of the SecureWorks Counter Threat appliance and iSensors for example to make sure we have the proper coverage and we’re getting the proper visibility. 

                So the consultant’s going to work with the client on expectations. So what does the implantation look like? What different tasks and deliverables are going to occur throughout implementation? How are we going to position for the client to have a successful partnership with us? They’re going to answer any questions and be a dedicated stakeholder and expert of everything SecureWorks. 

                They’re also going to address any, and work with the client on any unique needs that that client has had. We have helped clients of every size, every level of information security maturity on-board their services but no two clients are exactly the same. So where there’s kind of unique situations we’re going to work with the client to make sure that the on-boarding experience is relevant to them and has a personal touch if you will. It’s very important to the success of both sides and everybody involved. 

                We’re also going to work with the client on completing what’s known as the service initiation form. This is one of the first documents that a client will work on during the implementation process. And what it outlines is the devices that are going to be logging and providing visibility, escalation procedures, assets that are in the client’s environment. It’s like that starting form that gets the implementation process rolling. That needs to be very accurate and complete and the consultant will work with the client to make sure that that is accurate and done 100%. If the SIF is completed accurately and correctly then the implementation traditionally goes very smooth because everybody knows what tasks have to occur and a lot of times the project plan is completed or created rather off of the SIF. So it’s really a core document, it’s very important. 

                So the MSSI Smart Start consultant’s going to join the client on-site at the beginning and work with them on completing on-boarding and implementation tasks that way it leads into a successful implementation and long-term partnership.

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