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                Meet the Experts: Chris Carlis

                Security Analyst Consultant

                The only way to know how well your network infrastructure will hold up under an attack from real-world cybercriminals is to test it with security experts capable of thinking and acting just like them.

                Choosing the right technical testing provider and expert essentially boils down to who will conduct the highest quality test with the most qualified personnel.

                Meet one of SecureWorks technical testers, Chris Carlis. Growing up in a military family and environment has nurtured a natural desire to help people secure and protect themselves against real and potential threats. This natural desire became focused on cyber security more than 15 years ago and has remained intensely focused on improving the security state of commercial and government organizations around the world in every way possible ever since. Chris is currently a principal consultant for the SecureWorks Technical Testing Red Team and has broad experience covering deception, misdirection, obfuscation, infiltration, exfiltration, corporate pseudo-espionage, and non-sequitur attack scenarios.

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