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              Meet the Experts: TJ Nelson

              Experience matters when dealing with a cyber intrusion

              Meet one of SecureWorks incident responders, TJ Nelson.

              Always interested in cybersecurity, TJ followed his passion and enrolled in the network security program in college. After college, TJ’s career began at SecureWorks in the Counter Threat Operations Center (CTOC) where he helped clients monitor their environments and also provided actionable guidance to help secure their networks. 

              Working closely with the Incident Response team, he observed the positive impact they were making on clients in crisis every day and was inspired to join the group. TJ is currently a Senior Incident Response consultant and enjoys partnering with clients to help become part of the solution rather than simply fixing a problem with a single product.


              Initially I wanted to be an ethical computer hacker. So I wanted to do penetration testing and that was my goal. When I started applying for colleges, a lot of people said that that wasn’t really a job. So I ended up getting accepted to college for business and then a year after I decided that I’d just seek my passion and I went into the network security program and I ended up in security.

              When I got hired by Secure Works, I started out in the CSOC but I’ve always built the communication with the incident response team. If you’re going to be in the computer industry, then you just always have to learn and you have to be curious. And if you can just sort of tap into that curiosity and learn new things very quickly or at least try to understand them to the point where you are function-able. Then it allows you to get a lot farther in your career and life in general.

              I think that a lot of our competitors have products, right. So they’re trying to fix a problem. But we actually try to become part of the solution. So, we sort of bridge the gap between our client’s capabilities and we’ll do what they can’t do and we’ll augment their skill set. And I think that’s really important because some clients don’t need us to come in and take control of an engagement. They just need us for the expert opinion. Or they need us for artifact analysis. But we’re able to sort of just drop in and fix the problem or help them out where they need it

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