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                Strengthen Customer Engagement and Protect Sensitive Data

                Transform retail operations to enhance your supply chain, increase competitiveness and maintain compliance

                Retailers understand that protecting customer data is crucial. Over 60% of global consumers say they are unlikely to do business with a firm that experienced a data breach where financial information was stolen1

                The retail landscape is changing fast. Technology advances are affecting everything from the way people pay to the way they try on clothes. But underlying this is something just as alluring as your storefront – data. And that data is highly attractive to cyber criminals.

                Add to that the knowledge that your supply chain partners may be the weakest link, offering attackers an easy way into your systems. The result is a clear need for you to put in place proactive and preventative cyber security measures, all without neglecting your strategic core competencies to grow revenue and retain customers.

                It’s a lot to ask. That’s why you need to download this brief, which shows exactly how SecureWorks can keep you one step ahead, enabling you to predict, prevent, detect, and rapidly respond to cyberattacks.

                “Consumers avoid doing business with companies hit with a data breach: survey”, December 11, 2015, Firstpost.com.

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