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                Smart Manufacturing is Secure Manufacturing

                Use cyber security proactively to protect the intellectual property in your manufacturing operation

                Make better and faster decisions with confidence in the factory of the future knowing you have in-depth detection and protection from cyber criminals seeking to steal your intellectual property.

                Manufacturing is getting smarter, with help from new technologies. But the intellectual property (IP) and data that underpin your manufacturing ecosystem make you a prime target for cyber attackers. And that’s something that could seriously damage both your uptime and your bottom line.

                With manufacturing as the second most attacked industry sector, security is a critical consideration, not just for you but for your connected supplier ecosystem too. Both your processes and the data they generate are at risk.

                This solution brief lays out what you stand to lose and what you need to do to protect it. And it shows how leveraging SecureWorks threat intelligence and its people, processes and technology can empower you to stay ahead, avoiding compromise and minimizing threats and the damage they cause.

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