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                Detect & Prevent Solution for Small & Medium Sized Businesses

                Establish foundational network security with a simplified approach to addressing compliance and protecting network data and devices.

                For many small and medium sized businesses, meeting compliance regulations is a top priority.

                So is protecting their environment from security threats. But companies often do not have the expertise on staff or the time to effectively guard their data and devices. Organizations need a simple solution that provides the foundational security needed to demonstrate compliance and safeguard the network.

                Secureworks Detect & Prevent provides the perfect starting point for companies who don't have the capabilities to adequately secure the network. This solution features our proprietary iSensor IPS device, along with security monitoring of the most critical aspects of your network and server environment, including firewalls, next generation firewalls, and third-party IDS devices. The solution provides the visibility into what is occurring in your environment, and updated threat intelligence with the context you need to act when a threat is discovered.

                Download this Solution Brief to learn more about:

                • How Secureworks Detect & Prevent helps you meet compliance regulations, maximize return on existing security investments, and fills the gap for difficult-to-find security expertise.
                • How our solution is backed by our 20-plus years of protecting over 4,000 clients of all sizes, including small and medium sized businesses
                • How to show auditors your business is compliant, and demonstrate to your customers that your environment is secure.
                • How to establish a sound security posture while allowing your security staff to focus on other business objectives.

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