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                Targeted Threat Hunting

                Inspection of Networks and Endpoints for Attacker Presence

                Powered by the industry's leading researchers and incident responders, Targeted Threat Hunting leverages elite cyber threat intelligence and decades of combined experience countering targeted adversary tradecraft.

                Secureworks' security experts will engage your team to understand your specific concerns. Once the investigation is underway, our security experts collect as much data as available from your environment. They use a battery of hunting tools and proprietary hunting technology to scan your environment.

                Our researchers and incident responders perform intensive analysis of your logs, screen for threat indicators across your firewalls, DNS and proxy servers, and scan your endpoints for indicators of attacker presence.

                When a threat is detected, our experts perform in-depth analysis to ascertain more information about the threat to answer questions such as how the threat got there, how it works, what its purpose is and who may be behind it.

                Targeted Threat Hunting benefits:

                • Determines if your environment has been compromised by a sophisticated attacker
                • Increases your confidence in system integrity and data confidentiality
                • Helps you understand the impact of any discovered breach
                • Provides recommendations on security architecture, instrumentation and controls to make your environment more resilient
                • Provides actionable guidance on next steps to respond to and eradicate the threat, offering seamless integration with Incident Response

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