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                Security Solutions: Small & Medium Business

                Close the Gap Between Security Risk and Resources for Your Organization

                As larger organizations fortify their security defenses, small and medium size organizations are being targeted by threat actors such as cybercriminals, cyber spies and hacktivists more than ever.

                Why? Because small and medium organizations often lack the security defenses, resources, time and expertise to effectively protect their confidential and valuable data. The gap between risk and resources can leave sensitive customer information, employee records, and intellectual property inadequately protected and ultimately at risk.

                SecureWorks believes the continuous evolution of your security posture is critical to reducing your organizational risk to an ever-changing threat landscape. We help thousands of organizations close the gap between risk and resources. Our information security services serve as an extension of your IT team, protecting your critical information and reducing the risk of data breaches and non-compliance.

                Enriched with intelligence from our Counter Threat Unit™ (CTU™) research team, our solutions help to:
                • Protect your business from attacks 24x7
                • Offload security tasks
                • Achieve compliance
                • Manage and control security to your needs and budget
                • Allocate more time and resources to support your key business initiatives
                • Prepare, respond and recover from a security incident

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