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              Log Management

              Protect Your Infrastructure From Known and Emerging Threats

              SecureWorks' Log Management service monitors, correlates, and analyzes logs and alerts across virtually any security technology and critical information asset, 24x7, to identify anomalies and respond to threats in real-time.

              Deeply skilled security experts working from our integrated Security Operations Centers provide continuous vigilance over the security activity occurring in your organization.

              Alerts and logs are carefully analyzed to detect any signs of malicious activity. This ensures that both insider threats, such as unauthorized activity, and external threats, such as zero-day exploits, are identified and thwarted before damage is done.

              Log Management Service benefits:

              • 24x7 security event and log monitoring analysis
              • Real-time security event response
              • Customized escalation procedures
              • Automated log analysis and compliance reporting
              • Integration with virtually any security device or critical information asset
              • Powerful, asset-based security reporting
              • Unlimited, unmetered access to certified security experts

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