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                Data Sheets

                Information Security Services for Higher Education Institutions

                Colleges and Universities Unique IT and Information - Rich Environments Easily Attract Hackers

                College and university networks host data that every type of hacker, from student hackers to cyber spies, will want to gain access to, whether it be through social engineering or advanced persistent threat attacks.

                While colleges and universities need to safeguard data just an enterprise does, they must maintain an open network so their students, faculty, staff and third parties, such as researchers, can access that information when they need to.

                In This Data Sheet, You Will Learn About The:

                • Delicate network defense and balancing act
                • First line of defense
                • Proliferation of devices

                And how SecureWorks' can be an extension of your security capabilities so give you more time to support and advance the mission of your higher education institution.

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