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                Incident Response Services

                Enhanced with Supervised Machine Learning and Human Intelligence

                Secureworks provides a wide array of Incident Response services, from incident response planning and analysis to emergency incident response and digital forensics.

                Combining supervised machine learning and human intelligence gives us unparalleled insight into the threat landscape across any technology, any environment, anywhere. Whether you are dealing with an incident on-premises or in a public, private, or hybrid cloud computing infrastructure, our team of security experts are equipped to support you.

                As part of our portfolio, we offer end-to-end proactive services including:

                • Incident Response Plan Development & Review
                • Incident Management Retainer
                • Incident Management Risk Assessment
                • Incident Response Workshops & Exercises

                During or after an event has occurred we offer emergency services:

                • Onsite or Offsite Incident Response
                • Digital Forensics & Malware Analysis

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