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              Executive Advisory

              Facilitate productivity and alignment between Board Members, Executives and Cybersecurity leaders

              More than just a list of questions and subsequent recommendations, our Executive Advisory Services help you identify and develop the right core competencies necessary for a mature, robust security program in your company’s unique environment and relative to your most likely threats.

              As a result, your organization is able to enhance competences to predict the adversary’s capabilities and tactics; defend where possible; detect what gets through; and respond quickly.

              What do we help you answer?

              • Are the Board, Executives, Internal Audit and Human Resources leaders engaged with the business risks of a breach?
              • Is our level of investment tied to the organization’s top risks, cybersecurity goals and roadmap?
              • Is our CISO empowered to be a business leader as well as a security leader?
              • Is the CISO role included in the Board’s regular management succession review?
              • Where are we on the maturity curve we set for our desired “future state”?
              • Are Management and Directors fostering a culture of security awareness?


              • Strategic Advisory: Formal planning, security program prioritization, document or process peer review
              • Customized Executive & Board Advisement
              • Cyber Executive Protection Program
              • CISO/CSO Strategic Advisement
              • Cybersecurity Program Maturity & Strategy Advisement
              • Merger & Acquisition Advisement
              • Executive & Board Briefings

              What are the benefits?

              • Greater efficacy of strategic investments, aligned to business risks
              • Improved alignment and engagement from Board, Executives, Internal Audit and Human Resources leaders
              • Continuously enhanced prevention, detection and response capabilities through a mature cybersecurity program

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