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                Executive Advisory

                Facilitate communication, productivity and alignment between Board Members, Executives and Cybersecurity leaders

                More than just a list of questions and subsequent recommendations, our Executive Advisory Services help you identify and develop the right core competencies necessary for a mature, robust security program in your company’s unique environment and relative to your most likely threats.

                Our aim is to help clients with their greatest challenges around Strategic Prioritization and Planning, Merger & Acquisition, Alignment of Security and Business Strategy, Security Program Maturity and Development, as well as Executive and Board Level Briefing preparation guidance.

                What do we help you answer?

                • Are the Board, Executives, Internal Audit and Human Resources leaders engaged with the business risks of a breach?
                • Is our level of investment tied to the organization’s top risks, cybersecurity goals and roadmap?
                • Is our CISO empowered to be a business leader as well as a security leader?
                • Is the CISO role included in the Board’s regular management succession review?
                • Where are we on the maturity curve we set for our desired "future state"?
                • Are Management and Directors fostering a culture of security awareness?

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