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              Advanced Malware Protection and Detection

              Fortifying Your Network Against Advanced Malware Attacks

              SecureWorks’ Advanced Malware Protection and Detection (AMPD) is a fully-managed service that provides an elite layer of defense against emerging zero-day threats.

              Specialized security analysts combine vast intelligence capabilities with advanced technology to help you see, rapidly analyze and accurately diagnose a zero-day threat, and get focused guidance that speeds your response and its removal.

              • Detect and protect against:
                • Command and Control traffic
                • Infection vectors such as web drive-by download attacks
                • Inbound malicious emails
              • Automated collection of potentially malicious files for analysis
              • Dynamic analysis in a next generation Sandbox
                • Monitoring and classification of observed behaviors
              • Full-system emulation allowing:
                • Visibility into every instruction that malware execute
                • Vastly increased ability to detect malicious and evasive behavior

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