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                Moving Security Up the Value Chain Through the Power of Partnership

                Secureworks® is helping to transform McLaren’s cybersecurity practice into a leaner, business focused approach, helping it mature and grow as the business expands into new areas.

                While McLaren Racing’s security needs are heavily driven by protecting the trackside data it depends on, the broader McLaren Group has a more extensive range of security challenges.

                The entire group is increasingly focused on digital transformation. McLaren Automotive is evolving into a digitally powered, design-led business using the latest engineering processes. Protecting Intellectual Property and ensuring business continuity is a must. McLaren Applied Technologies is fueled by real-time data analytics. It is building privacy and security as a design feature into all the new products and solutions it is taking to market in a broad range of verticals.

                A lean security team works in a flexible, multi-faceted partnership with Secureworks to protect all the McLaren businesses. Its emphasis lies in measurable results and moving security up the value chain. Secureworks’ intelligence-driven solutions help McLaren prevent, detect, respond to and predict cybersecurity attacks. And by providing technical expertise, thought leadership and scale, it gives McLaren the space to focus on aligning security to strategy, turning it into a business enabler.

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