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                Second Opinion Uncovers Cybersecurity Holes

                Fortune 1000 manufacturer closes big security gaps after double-checking its cyberdefenses with help from SecureWorks

                As a Fortune 1000 manufacturer of specialty construction materials operating globally, its intellectual property — patents, trade secrets and trademarks — are critical assets specifically targeted by attackers.

                These assets are core to the company's ability to differentiate itself from the competition. Like many global enterprises its size, the company used a large accounting and consulting firm to assist in preparing and auditing its financial statements. It also utilized that same firm to evaluate its global cybersecurity defenses. However, the firm's company-wide evaluation did not include a technical assessment of those defenses. Consequently, the company's security safeguards got a clean bill of health from the accounting and consulting firm.

                Fortunately, executive and IT management weren't so easily convinced. With more and more stories of major security breaches in the news, they sought a second opinion from a qualified cybersecurity company. This time, a technical evaluation exposed many serious but overlooked threats.

                Read the case study to learn more how this company's technical evaluations helped exposed critical cybersecurity opportunities.

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