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              Case Studies

              iSelect Case Study

              iSelect addresses cybersecurity threats to data by using managed firewall and server protection managed services

              For a leading online business like iSelect, firewall protection and the defense of customer data are critical.

              iSelect helps its customers make the right call on some of life’s most important purchase decisions, taking care of everything from car to life insurance, and home loans to broadband bundles.

              Business Need:

              The intuitive technology behind helps customers choose between thousands of available products, policies, and plans to find the option that is best suited to their needs. Protecting this technology and data is critical to iSelect as well as important to helping iSelect meet components of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS).


              iSelect chose SecureWorks Managed Security Services, including SecureWorks Web Application Firewall Management and SecureWorks Monitored Server Protection. With application firewall protection, customers gain 24/7 protection against application threats to satisfy PCI DSS regulations.

              Benefits of Managed Security Services:

              • Provides 24/7/365 security monitoring
              • Simplifies compliance with PCI DSS
              • 50 percent more cost effective solution
              • Improves security and reduces the risk of data loss affecting business growth
              • Ensures continued protection in a world with increasingly complex data attacks

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