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                East Maine Electric Cooperative Case Study

                Nonprofit Gets Affordable Enterprise-Level Security

                Eastern Maine Electric Cooperative (EMEC) is a nonprofit organization that delivers electrical services to a large rural region with brutally cold and icy winters.

                Like the country’s other 900 electric cooperatives, EMEC is owned by the people who work and live in its service area. These customer/owners, who are also called members, want to keep costs as low as possible and yet do what it takes to have reliable electricity and modern services such as online payments.

                Business Need:

                EMEC wanted to give customers the option to pay bills online. To do so, it needed to boost network security and adhere to a tight budget and resource constraints.


                EMEC engaged SecureWorks to provide a network security solution that actively monitors all network communication, eliminates malicious traffic in real time and supports PCI compliant online transactions.


                • 24x7 management and monitoring by security professionals
                • Protection from internet threats
                • Facilitates PCI compliance
                • Simplifies security and reporting
                • Keeps employees focused on delivering reliable electrical services

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