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                Threat Hunting Workshop

                5 On-Demand Videos

                In this virtual workshop, you’ll learn the building blocks of a successful threat hunting program and what it takes to get up and running quickly. The workshop consists of five on-demand videos that will help guide you through the process, no matter where your organization is in your journey.

                Module 1: Introduction to Threat Hunting

                Duration: 29 mins

                In this introductory session, you’ll get a background of the workshop, as well as underlying principles and learning objectives. Establish a working definition of threat hunting and its defining characteristics, and find out the shortcomings of the traditional, reactive approach to threat detection.

                Video One
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                Module 2: Building a Threat Hunting Program

                Duration: 46 minutes

                Learn how to evaluate your organization’s readiness for threat hunting. Do you have the right combination of people, processes, and technologies in place? Understand the phases and steps in the threat hunting process.

                Module 2
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                Module 3: Populating a Threat Hunting Backlog

                Duration: 32 minutes

                Find out how to determine what to hunt for and how often. Then identify the obstacles you may encounter along the way and how to handle them.

                Module 3
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                Module 4: Threat Hunting Tools and Techniques

                Duration: 28 minutes

                Learn how to identify the right data analysis procedures and techniques for the job. Understand the importance of developing your own data analysis procedures customized to your unique environment.

                Module 4
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                Module 5: Managing a Threat Hunting Program

                Duration: 27 minutes

                Once you’ve established your threat hunting program, get tips for managing threat hunting use cases. Learn how to measure the value and impact of threat hunting through metrics and reporting.

                Module 5
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