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                Black Hat 2021 Real Breach Protection

                Learn real breach protection using Secureworks® Taegis™ XDR at Black Hat Europe, November 10th and 11th. Visit our virtual booth with a Free Virtual Business Hall pass.

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                Ransomware Has Evolved. So Can You.

                Sponsored Sessions

                Sponsored Session with Live Q&A

                Operation Rainbow Safari: A North Korean supply chain attack

                • Rafe Pilling Senior Security Researcher, CTU™ Secureworks

                North Korea conducted multiple operations against entities involved in COVID-19 related research and policy development throughout 2020.

                NICKEL ACADEMY (aka Lazarus, Labyrinth Chollima, Zinc) and NICKEL KIMBALL (Kimsuky) were both publicly reported to be conducting COVID-related campaigns. One group that didn’t make the headlines was NICKEL HYATT (aka Stonefly, Silent Chollima, Andariel). This session will walk through a network intrusion at a life sciences company that Secureworks assisted , highlighting adversary tradecraft and exploring defender options for detections and response.

                On-Demand Zone Sponsored Session

                Hands-On with GraphQL and XDR: Essential Skills for the Modern Security Analyst

                • Ryan Alban- Sr. Manager, Global Solution Leads
                • Trenton Ivey- Senior Security Researcher for Secureworks Counter Threat Unit, Technical Lead for Secureworks Adversary Group

                GraphQL is rapidly gaining traction within the security industry and it’s easier to get started with than you might think. This powerful database query tool is vendor-agnostic, approachable, and low-code. GraphQL lets you zero in on exactly the data you need to speed up your security investigations – whether you use Secureworks Taegis™ XDR or another open solution. This no-sales, no-nonsense practical session with real-world examples will help advance your career and improve your organization’s security outcomes.
                Transform your SOC effectiveness and improve efficiency.

                See How We Use MITRE ATT&CK

                Taegis XDR covers over 90% of MITRE ATT&CK TTPs on average. What could that mean for you? Watch this webinar and come to our virtual booth armed with any questions you have.

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