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              Security and Risk Assessment

              Take a Strategic Approach to Enterprise Risk Management and Compliance

              Do you know where your most vital data is and where it’s most vulnerable? How well does your security strategy align with overall business objectives?

              Our trained experts can perform a Risk Management Assessment to limit risk where it counts the most.

              IT risk management, compliance and operational efficiency—your business needs all three—but weaving them into a cohesive strategy takes time and expertise. Our experienced consultants address these areas all the time and a Risk Management Assessment is the first step.

              During a Risk Management Assessment, our team conducts a thorough and objective evaluation of your security controls and where you are at risk. We work closely to align your goals with the best approach for compliance. Our experts chart best practices in security risk management for your industry. And we lay out the IT/IS resources needed to implement your optimum risk management strategy.

              Let our experts show you how to:

              • Obtain a list of information systems and assets
              • Understand the threats to your assets
              • Identify organizational vulnerabilities
              • Identify technical vulnerabilities
              • Document current controls and security processes
              • Identify security requirements and considerations per regulatory requirements and industry standards
              • Measure initial and residual compliance, reputation and direct loss risk

              Key Benefits of Security Risk Management Assessments:

              • Know your assets: gain a full understanding of where your data resides
              • Know your risk: identify vulnerabilities at the technical and organizational level
              • Align your goals: align your security with business needs and best practices
              • Optimize strategy: implement a risk management approach for meeting compliance

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