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              Information Security Framework Assessment

              Assess Your Security Program Against Leading Industry Standards

              When you need to align information security controls with an established framework, our experts are ready to help. Whether it’s ISO, NIST, or SANS, our consultants know how to find and close the gaps with your existing security program.

              Our Information Security Framework Assessment provides a functional comparison of your IT security controls and policies against respected industry frameworks. You may have compliance and regulatory issues to address, or concerns about your security posture, or policy changes and new technology investments to consider. In any case, our security experts can help you assess critical aspects of your security landscape with regard to established security frameworks like ISO 27000, NIST SP 800-53, Critical Security Controls Assessment (SANS Top 20) and more.

              Even with a framework to follow, it can be difficult to set and adjust policy and security controls for your specific business needs, and to know where and how each framework intersects. Our trained consultants know what to look for when assessing your security program and are intimately familiar with the standards you want to incorporate.

              We can assess the security strategy that drives your IT security controls across all of the following areas:

              • Risk Management
              • Information security management and governance
              • Personnel security
              • Asset management
              • Access control
              • Encryption/cryptography
              • Physical security
              • Operations security
              • Network and communications security
              • Systems development, acquisition and maintenance
              • Vendor management
              • Incident management
              • Business continuity/disaster recovery
              • Compliance

              Information Security Framework Assessment Key Benefits

              • Align with standards: let our experts help close the gaps with respected security frameworks
              • Optimize security: fine-tune your policies and controls to reduce risk
              • Invest wisely: make IT security and technology purchases that fit the framework
              • Measure and report: learn how to measure and report against the framework

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