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                Risk Management & Program Advisory

                Identify, manage, and mitigate risks and gain organizational buy-in to appropriately resource and operationalize programs to support.

                Secureworks Program and Risk Advisory portfolio is designed to go beyond standardized risk identification exercises and rigid cookie cutter programmatic frameworks. Our consultants deliver a seamless engagement that is systematic in its assessment of risk as well as the design, implementation and prescription of program improvements and priorities. Consequently, your organization is efficiently aligning people, process and technology in key programmatic areas to ensure you doesn’t waste time and budget on things that do not add value.


                What do we help you answer?

                • How do we identify our top risks, manage them and mitigate efficiently?
                • What emerging risks are on the horizon, and how will they affect us?
                • How do we align limited resources to areas of risk?
                • How do we ensure that different courses of action can be taken if risks have increased to an unacceptable level?
                • How do we assess a current program’s state and roadmap for improvement?
                • Do we have the right systems, tools and processes in place to effectively implement or update an existing program?


                • Identify, manage, and mitigate risks
                • Determine threats to assets and resources available
                • Align information security with institutional objectives
                • Assess, define and build the operational structure of people, process and technology to create a new or update existing programs around Cloud, Vulnerability Management and Vendor Management

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