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              Real-World Security Testing

              Assess Employee Awareness and Vigilance Through the Use of Social Engineering and Real-World Tests to See How Your Employees React to an Attack

              Attackers know how to target your employees by sending phishing emails that mimic what they see every day.

              Through training and testing, you can create employees who are more vigilant and less susceptible to attack.

              Social Engineering your employees, using “true-to-life” tactics, is the most effective way to test workers against non-technical threats posed by social engineers.

              Go further with Red Team Testing which simulates a real-world cyberattack. Unlike other testing, a Red Team Test uses multiple techniques at once on unsuspecting employees. The goal is to identify gaps in security practices and controls that are not readily apparent from conducting standard Network Security Testing.

              During a Red Team Test, our teams focus on identifying potential damage that a determined, directed attacker could accomplish and serves as a tool to train defenders on identifying real indicators of an active attack. Working with you, we develop custom scenarios to test your people, processes and procedures to see how your organization responds if you were a target.

              Real-world tests are more than compliance testing, they help you identify real vulnerabilities and give you justification for your security budget.

              Real-World Security Solutions

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