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              Penetration Tests

              Identify How an Attacker Would Gain Access to Your Environment and Use Those Systems as a Base for Attacks Deeper into the Network

              The Challenge

              Unauthorized access to company resources using existing and new vulnerabilities is a serious security concern. Verifying that new and existing applications, networks and systems are not vulnerable to a security risk is key to addressing these vulnerabilities before they can be utilized by unauthorized users. While vulnerability assessments are a “light touch” evaluation to identify gaps and vulnerabilities in your network, further testing is required to show how an attacker would gain access to your environment and use those systems as a base for attacks deeper into the network.

              The Solution

              SecureWorks approaches every penetration test as unique to every organization. Our methodology is performed by the industry’s top security testers, leveraging our proprietary tactics and intelligence from the SecureWorks Counter Threat Unit™. Both Penetration and Advanced Penetration Tests are designed to show how an attacker would gain unauthorized access to your environment by compromising in-scope systems and highlight pivoting opportunities from compromised hosts. Based on the findings, SecureWorks will discuss the findings with all relevant audiences and provide a customized course of action for both leadership and technical audiences.

              Penetration Testing Benefits:

              • Validate internal and/or external security controls, including protections around high-value systems
              • Manual testing that simulates current threats, including pivoting and post exploitation
              • Satisfy compliance needs, including PCI 3.x, FFIEC, HIPAA
              • Confidence in the assessment knowing that the latest threat intelligence and tactics from the SecureWorks Counter Threat Unit™ were utilized
              • Tests users in conjunction with your external and internal networks
              • Simulates a common real-world threat; spear phishing + external testing that segues into an Internal foothold
              • Tests your response and detection capabilities

              Penetration Testing

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