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              Information Security Program Development

              Design a Robust Security Program That Accounts for Your Changing Business Demands

              A solid information security program should address vital areas of risk, the latest threats, compliance demands, and your ongoing business needs. Our experts bring years of experience plus deep security and business intelligence to the planning process.

              Your security technology purchases, policy development, security controls, and compliance efforts will all benefit from a cohesive information security program. Our consultants are trained to help you through every part of the process.

              No matter how complex your business environment, our experts can design an information security program to enhance your security posture, reduce your risk, facilitate compliance, and improve operational efficiency.  SecureWorks experienced consultants will mold a proven framework for data security program development to meet your needs. The framework helps ensure that your information security mission, strategy, commitment, accountability and ongoing measurement are aligned with business objectives.

              Before you set out on your own, engage our experts for a comprehensive, proven approach to information security program design.

              Key Benefits:

              • Optimize your business: align security policy and controls with business drivers
              • Reduce risk: fine-tune policies and controls to stop the latest threats
              • Invest wisely: choose IT security and technology purchases that suit your program
              • Measure and report: learn how to measure and report effectively

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