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              Information Security Program Assessment

              Assess Your Security Program for Business Alignment and Protection Against Cyber Threats

              Is your corporate-wide security program meeting all of your needs today? Has it ever been revisited? Our experts can assess your program to meet changing business demands and the challenge of evolving threats.

              A strong information security program must evolve and grow alongside your business and the new threats to your data. With so much effort to develop a data security program in the first place, revisiting it can be time consuming. Our security experts are ready to help.

              SecureWorks consultants benefit from the latest threat intelligence. They also have strong experience aligning security policy and controls to meet business requirements. Using this powerful combination, our experts will review your current information security program with a critical eye. 

              Our Information Security Program Assessment includes:

              • A careful review of the security strategy that drives the selection of controls
              • An analysis of security control alignment with business drivers
              • An audit of the management, monitoring and reporting process
              • Recommendations for improving your security program

              Resources are limited and timelines are tight. That’s why our trained consultants go beyond just guidance to deliver concrete recommendations and actions to improve your security program. When our engagement ends you will have a plan in hand and the ability to measure and report on the success of your information security program.

              Key Benefits:

              • Align with your business: align security policy and controls with business drivers
              • Optimize security: fine-tune your policies and controls to stop the latest threats
              • Invent wisely: make IT security and technology purchases that enhance your program

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