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              Executive and Board Cybersecurity Briefing

              Every Board is different. Understand their interests and be prepared for any scenario.

              Key Benefits

              Leverage expertise from of a pool of former CISOs

              Integrate the latest industry intelligence and compare to your peers

              Understand your audience’s goals and properly align

              Tie cybersecurity initiatives to the Board’s agenda

              Executive Board Cybersecurity Briefing

              Ashley Ferguson, Global Director of SecureWorks Executive Advisory Services covers how SecureWorks Executive and Board Cybersecurity Briefing is intended to help CISOs and Security Leadership deliver a concise and risk driven presentation.

              For years, CISOs have tried to get on the Board’s meeting agenda.

              Now that they are on the agenda, many have struggled to understand the structure and brevity of their cybersecurity presentation slot within a Board meeting and what is typically valued and actionable from a Board’s perspective. Many times CISOs prepare large presentations with technical details that are associated with a desire to fund future projects or report vulnerabilities. These presentations can create confusion and fail to align with the business, operational and financial risk-based approach of a typical Board meeting.

              SecureWorks Executive and Board Cybersecurity Briefing services are designed by former CISOs and Business Leaders that have real world experience delivering presentations to Executives and Boards across organizations of all sizes and industries. This service is intended to help CISOs and Security Leadership deliver a concise and risk driven presentation based on a number of factors, inputs and questions including:

              • What is the background of the audience and what are their goals?
              • What is the security acumen of the audience?
              • How do I ensure the right topics are presented and in alignment with what the business is trying to accomplish?
              • How do I tie cybersecurity initiatives to business and Board initiatives?
              • How do I integrate the latest industry intelligence?
              • How do I show how we compare to our peers in the industry?
              • How do I build out the cybersecurity Board presentation? What is the typical structure and delivery?

              Executive Advisory Services

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