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              Executive and Board Advisement

              Extend your collective knowledge of cybersecurity to a pool of industry leading experts on-demand

              Key Benefits

              Leverage expertise from of a pool of former CISOs

              Integrate the latest industry intelligence and compare to your peers

              Understand your audience’s goals and properly align

              Tie cybersecurity initiatives to the Board’s agenda

              Whether you are a seasoned or new CISO, leveraging collective knowledge of your peers, industry insight, or the latest threat intelligence into your cybersecurity strategy can be of tremendous value.

              Unfortunately, many CISOs are faced with making decisions based solely on their past experience and whatever information they can gather to set their cybersecurity plan.

              SecureWorks Executive and Board Advisement is designed to deliver a custom engagement or advice based on the needs of Security Leaders no matter where they are in their career or where their strategy resides on the security maturity spectrum. From knowing what next step is correct for your organization to obtaining knowledge on the latest breaches in the media or communicating to Executive leadership and the Board, SecureWorks utilizes a think tank approach, leveraging former CISOs and other Executives, designed to help you enhance your cybersecurity program.

              Executive Advisory Services

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