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                Executive Advisory

                Facilitate stronger communication, alignment to business priorities and enhance productivity between board members, executives and security leadership

                Key Benefits

                Greater efficacy of strategic investments

                Alignment of business risks to level of investment

                Defining desired future state, road mapping, measurement and reporting of progress

                Threat identification and prioritization

                Secureworks Executive Advisory portfolio is designed to address the challenge of aligning security and business leadership to facilitate the development of robust security programs between CISOs, Board Members, and Business Executives.

                Given the unique requirements and knowledge needed to deliver this level of expertise effectively, Secureworks created the Executive Advisory Center, a think tank committee consisting of current and former Business Leaders, Board Members, CISOs, Risk and Audit Committee Members, and security industry experts that are dedicated to collective advisement and delivery of our Executive Advisory portfolio. The goal is to help clients with their greatest challenges around Strategic Prioritization and Planning, Merger & Acquisition, Alignment of Security and Business Strategy, Cyber Protection of Executives and Security Program Maturity and Development.

                What is SecureWorks Executive Advisory Center?

                Ashley Ferguson, Director of Secureworks Executive Advisory Services covers how our Executive Advisory Center utilizes unique skillsets, intelligence and past experience to solve organization’s business and security challenges.

                Executive Advisory Services

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