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                Application Security Testing

                Assess Your Critical Applications, Prioritize Remediation and Reduce Real Risk

                Inadequate application controls put the services they run and the data they rely on at risk.

                Application security testing analyzes the state of your applications to identify vulnerabilities. Gain assurance that your web applications and web APIs, mobile applications, and other external and internal applications are secure. Our expert security consultants can perform a thorough assessment of your sensitive applications, identify consequences of exploitation, and provide clear guidance for improving security.

                What Differentiates Secureworks Technical Testers

                In this video, David Langlands, Director of Secureworks Technical Testing covers the qualifications we look for in our technical testers and the rigorous process candidates are put through to not only identify their skillset but their ability to communicate and delight our clients.

                Application security testing will help you:

                • Determine if sensitive or privacy-related data is stored, processed or transmitted by your application
                • Prioritize resources to remediate vulnerabilities based on their real risk to your organization
                • Assess the security posture of an app acquired from a third-party
                • Discover risk not addressed during application development
                • Meet industry regulations and requirements

                Application Testing Solutions

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