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                Log Management

                Demonstrate Compliance Using Fewer Resources Through Process Automation

                Every security appliance, business-critical system, noncritical server and endpoint in your organization generates extensive event logs daily that must be managed to provide an early warning system for fast response to security events.

                Logs need to be monitored continuously, analyzed and correlated to identify real security events of concern. While this is an integral part of any security and compliance program, administering the appliances can be a burden, especially when your IT security team is already stretched too thin.

                Log Retention

                Provided as a hassle-free service, the Log Retention service allows you to offload the management and maintenance burden while retaining full access to the appliances. Satisfy security and compliance requirements for log collection, storage and reporting through the capture and aggregation of millions of logs generated every day by disparate assets and data sources. You can choose to leverage our high performance LogVault technology or maximize your investment in other third-party log retention tools. We provide full lifecycle management of your chosen log retention technology, as well as reporting via our Client Portal.

                Log Monitoring

                The Log Monitoring service monitors, correlates and analyzes your security logs and alerts across virtually any security technology and critical information asset in your environment. 24x7 vigilant event log monitoring identifies anomalies and helps you respond to threats in real-time. Compliance becomes easier when you can demonstrate controls and produce digitally signed reports containing all the activity from across your environment.

                Log Monitoring Services Key Benefits:

                • Protect systems & data: 24x7 monitoring to alert you to threats before damage is done
                • Simplify compliance: satisfy regulatory requirements using fewer resources
                • Improve response time: apply action-based insights from rapid analysis of log activity
                • Aggregate information: capture millions of logs generated everyday by disparate assets

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                Managed Security Services Integration

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