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                Managed Detection and Response

                Detect, disrupt and eradicate advanced threats targeting your organization

                Advanced adversaries are getting harder to detect. They can masquerade in your environment going undiscovered for months or even years.

                The longer it takes you to detect and respond to the threat, the higher the risk and costs to remediate. However, it’s difficult to retain a team of advanced threat experts and figure out which methods and technologies you should use to defend your organization.

                Being resilient to a threat from an advanced adversary is dependent on an integrated set of solutions instrumented for visibility across your whole IT environment, made effective by a team of experts with access to the latest threat intelligence.

                Solution Components

                Solutions - Detect Threats Earlier
                SOLUTION BRIEF

                Detect, Disrupt and Eradicate Advanced Threats

                The Secureworks Managed Detection and Response solution enables you to anticipate your attackers, detect their tradecraft, disrupt the kill chain and eradicate their presence in your environment.

                Solutions - Detect Threats Earlier
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                Break the Kill Chain Earlier to Reduce Remediation Costs

                The further along the chain that a threat actor gets, the more difficult and expensive it is to defeat them. The key to breaking the kill chain is to hit it as early as possible, before costs begin to rise.


                Increase Visibility Across Your Entire IT Environment

                The earlier you detect a threat that has penetrated your security defenses, the lower your risk is of experiencing a data breach. You need the earliest possible warning of a compromise, which requires eliminating your blind spots and increasing your visibility across your entire IT environment.


                Meet the Experts - Justin Turner

                Meet Secureworks’ Director of the Counter Threat Unit Special Operations team, Justin Turner. Justin leads a collection of the industry’s best security researchers hunting for threat actors in client networks. His team coaches clients on the necessary steps to gain maximum visibility of their network.


                Seeing the Unseen – Detecting the Advanced Persistent Threat

                Justin Turner, Director of the Targeted Threat Hunting & Response Team, shares insights from hunting engagements and provides recommendations on how to identify attacker presence leveraging threat intelligence.

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