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                Curated Rulesets for AWS WAF

                Stay focused on application development and
                let the security experts provide defense against attacks

                Implement WAF rulesets, validated by Secureworks Counter Threat Unit, that detect and block malicious web requests targeted at your applications.

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                Like all AWS products, their Web Application Firewall (WAF) is powerful, scalable, flexible, and can be completely administered via APIs. While the AWS WAF gives developers the ability to create, deploy and maintain web security rules for their applications, in reality most web application developers are not security experts, which limits the utility of all that power.

                At Secureworks, we’ve been providing intelligence-driven security solutions for over 15 years. To protect your web applications, our world renowned Counter Threat Unit research team has designed custom rulesets for the AWS WAF. The rulesets are designed to protect applications built using WordPress and Joomla web publishing and content management systems. Secureworks will continuously update the subscription rulesets, responding to new and evolving attack methods by creating and testing new rules to keep your application protected.

                SecureWorks Subscription Rulesets for the AWS WAF allow you to quickly protect your web applications using the latest threat intelligence.

                Key Benefits of Curated Rulesets for AWS Web Application Firewall

                • Protect web applications: Develop rapidly with the leading content management systems, while the Counter Threat Unit applies Secureworks Threat Intelligence to defend against malicious attacks
                • Deploy with existing tools: DevOps and security professionals can continue using tools like AWS CloudFormation to develop, test, and deploy web apps
                • Best of both worlds: Benefit from the scalability and performance of the AWS WAF and the expertise and threat research of the Secureworks Counter Threat Unit™

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