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                Weather the Storm with Advanced Endpoint Threat Prevention

                Securing today's work environment means organizations must better secure endpoints to protect their business By: Secureworks

                Working remotely in unsecured networks and on personal devices may be convenient, but it often leaves gaping vulnerabilities in your organization's environment. Many attacks today start on endpoints, and once they're connected to your corporate network, attackers slide stealthily in to steal your data. More than half of malware attacks bypass traditional antivirus, and these days attackers don't even need malware to breach endpoints.

                Endpoints have become the gateway to an organization's most prized data. In addition to being able to stop known threats, endpoint security solutions need to be able to detect anomalous behaviors and trace an intruder's steps from the moment the endpoint was breached to see what systems have been affected, what tactic was used to enter the endpoint, and how to best remediate the threat.

                Click to download the The Silent Storm Infographic.

                The Silent Storm infographic.

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