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                Visit Dell SecureWorks at Black Hat USA

                One of the World’s Most Technical and Relevant Global Information Security Events By: Secureworks

                Black Hat USA 2015, one of the world’s most technical and relevant global information security events, is approaching, and Dell SecureWorks will be there to offer insights about the current cybersecurity landscape and how organizations can arm themselves against evolving threats. 

                Our Counter Threat UnitSM (CTUSM) research team will also be releasing a new threat analysis on a threat group which has successfully compromised 50 entities in the Auto, Electronic, Aircraft, Pharmaceutical, and Oil and Gas manufacturers.

                Stop by Booth #635 and learn how our experts can help your organization stay steps ahead of cyber-attacks.

                New Threat Analysis from Our Counter Threat Unit

                For more than two years the Dell SecureWorks Counter Threat Unit team has been tracking this Chinese-based industrial and government espionage hacking group.  There has been little information published about the group, however, this group’s operations are very well-planned, very well-funded and every step their members take is very calculated.

                The CTU will reveal publicly, for the first time, the group’s step by step operation including: exactly how and what tools they are using to compromise their victims, how they spread throughout the victim’s network, sneak the data out of their networks,  and what steps the hackers take to reenter the victim’s network once they are detected and booted out.

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