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                Taegis™ Titan Dorian Skeete Defends Global Brand With Taegis ManagedXDR

                Boohoo had not yet experienced a breach — so they bolstered their cyber defense.  By: Stacy Leidwinger, VP of Portfolio Marketing

                Boohoo, a global brand of clothing, shoes, accessories, and beauty products, knew they lacked the visibility into threat detection and investigation needed to understand the true state of their cybersecurity. With boohoo’s revenue growing a rapid 14% in 2021, Dorian Skeete, boohoo Head of IT Security keenly understood that the costs associated with a breach would create financial havoc, and worse, the reputational damage of a cyber attack could erode their customers’ trust while shopping online with boohoo.

                Though they had not yet experienced a breach, they knew they needed preparedness and efficacy in their cyber response to stay ahead of potential threats. And they wanted a platform that offered timely threat intelligence, 24/7 coverage and the ability to collaborate with the security experts who were working to reduce their risk. It is this forward-thinking approach to cybersecurity that earned Dorian Skeete and his IT security team at boohoo the title of Secureworks® Taegis Titans.

                Many IT professionals might wonder: Why was a clear view of boohoo’s IT landscape, timely threat intelligence, and 24/7 coverage so important in choosing Taegis ManagedXDR?

                “We wanted visibility seeing lots of different logs from lots of different asset sources in one place, so we could gain the proof points we needed about the strength and preparedness of our cybersecurity posture,” said Skeete.

                Skeete and his SOC echo that a key aspect of that functionality is the ability to contact a Secureworks security expert via live chat on the platform – the same Taegis platform that Secureworks uses to manage investigations — in 60 seconds or fewer.

                “If my team wants visibility into an investigation, they can go into Taegis and see exactly where the investigation is and the potential risk. It is transparent and easy to collaborate. The Secureworks security experts on the chat function are good at understanding what you are asking and helping you with it. The investigations are in plain English, and the explanations are really clear,” said Neil Todd, senior cybersecurity analyst at boohoo.

                And though boohoo had not yet fallen victim to a cyber attack, Secureworks was quickly able to spot serious vulnerabilities in their environment that may have led to compromise if left unchecked.

                “Secureworks brings a scale we can’t achieve alone and can spot things that we might overlook. That’s what we have experienced with some threats Secureworks has detected,” said Ewan Osborne, cybersecurity analyst.

                Read boohoo’s case study to learn how Taegis XDR has efficiently and effectively brought their cyber posture to scale — and how a threat hunt soon after onboarding alerted their team to a serious Log4J vulnerability. 

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